Can we crack SI Telangana by self-preparation?

How can I clear the Telangana SI exam by self-preparation?

Preparing for Telangana Sub-Inspector Exam is not easy at all. If you fail to understand the pattern or syllabus of required topics, then it will be a tough task for you. The choice is upon you which subject to concentrate on first and which one last. But if you have good knowledge about what things are going to appear in the Telangana SI exam, then surely your preparation time will get reduced.

Now, your question is whether you can crack the Telangana SI exam by self-preparation or not....

Well, the answer will vary from candidate to candidate.

I would say, it will depend on several factors, such as:

You Follow Schedules & Timelines Strictly You

If you are very serious about your schedules and timelines, and never miss them, you sure can do self-preparation for the Telangana SI exam. Even if you do a couple of hours' study daily, it will surely fetch you good marks in the end.

But on the other hand, If you don't follow schedules and timelines strictly for your exams, then it is better to go with some coaching classes which can guide you through all the time while preparing for exams. Because they have experts who will handle your preparation for you, and thus you can focus on important topics which you got a doubt about.

You Have Good Concentration Powers In You

If you have good concentration powers in you, then surely, nothing can stop you from doing self-preparation for the Telangana SI exam. Even if you study for a couple of hours, it will hardly affect your concentration power. But on the other hand, if your concentration is not that good, then you are advised to go with some coaching classes where they will handle your subject in detail. You just need to focus on what coaching is saying only instead of getting distracted by too many thoughts when you study on your own.

You Have Some Knowledge Of The Syllabus & Subjects In It

If you have some knowledge of the syllabus and subjects, then it will be definitely helpful for you to do self-preparation. Even if you know 50% or 60% of all syllabus, it is enough for passing the exam. But on the other hand, If your preparation is not good enough till now, then coaching can help you to cover this part soon and get good marks in the upcoming exams.

So, I would say it will depend on many such factors if you can crack the Telangana SI exam or not by self-preparation only. If you have other options, like studying through online coaching classes for the Telangana SI exam, then do go with that option. Because no one can say for sure which one works best. Thus, you should focus on these coaching classes if you are not comfortable while doing self-preparation. I do not recommend self-study for crucial exams like the Telangana SI exam at all. It is one of the toughest exams with so much competition. Taking professional coaching would be a lot of help.

Deep Shikha