How can I prepare for the RRB NTPC exam which will be held in September 2021?

Here are some quick and very effective tips that will help you prepare for RRB NTPC exam being held this year.

If you are going to appear in the RRB NTPC exam this year then, first of all, you will have to start working hard right away. The best preparation for the RRB NTPC exam is possible through effective study material available online. If you have online study material available, you can start preparation right away without any time and place constraints. Here are a few tips that will help you study effectively for your upcoming exams. 

Learn & Understand Everything About Exam 

This is the first thing you must do before entering the competitive exam preparation. Learn more about the exam, its selection process, your expected knowledge level, etc. Because only when you know your goals can you shape your own path. 

>What would you do? 

 The basic rule is to understand the job position and the department you are applying for. Research the job responsibilities and the knowledge and expertise required to provide services at that location. Gain extensive knowledge about exam courses. If possible, please talk to people with prior experience on the subject through social networks, forums, blogs, etc. 

Prepare strategy 

After mastering the basic knowledge, develop strategies to achieve your goals. There are four stages of the exam: 

· 1st Stage Computer Based Test (CBT) 

· 2nd Stage Computer Based Test (CBT) 

· Typing Skill Test/Computer Based Aptitude Test (as applicable) 

· Document Verification/Medical Examination. 

Therefore, you must plan your preparations accordingly. 

>What would you do? 

I will not make some vague suggestions but will answer this question. For written exams, a strategy should be developed to complete the course before completing it early. After completing the syllabus, you can modify the course as many times as needed (if time permits). In addition, once you go through the syllabus, you can practice math problems multiple times. Remember, practice and revision will enhance your confidence, which is irreplaceable for your success. 

Arrange learning materials 

When you know what must be learned, you are half done. Next, you must arrange the learning materials needed to crack the written test. Each department has its own set of study materials recommendations. 

>What would you do? 

There are many online courses for the RRB NTPC examination. You can opt for the RRB NTPC Course by Achievers Academy. They provide the best video lectures prepared by the subject experts and you can watch these videos again and again until you grabbed the concept. 


Routines are necessary. Without any definite routine learning procedures, you may not be able to crack an exam like RRB NTPC. When you have a lot of subjects to prepare, if you do not arrange the time correctly, it will not be easy to learn all the papers with the same focus. Remember, your routine should be feasible, not a routine that only Superman can stick to. Strictly try to follow the routine for a long time. Hope this will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

>What would you do? 

When preparing for the routine, you must keep some considerations in mind. Time allocation should be based on your knowledge and learning ability. Subject proficiency should be the driving factor in your preparation for daily work. In addition, please check the routine from time to time and modify it according to your progress. Try to keep practice or math subjects in daily practice, because they need a lot of exercise to score on the exam. 

Solve the test papers of the previous year 

I promise that this suggestion will make almost 100% of job seekers with me. If you are preparing for RRB NTPC then solving the test papers from previous years will definitely help you. You will have a comprehensive understanding of the problem pattern, its score distribution, etc. In addition, it is strongly believed that by reading the test papers of previous years, job seekers can find common problems more easily. 

>What would you do? 

The mock exam is an effective technique for preparing for the exam. Create a simulated examination room atmosphere and complete the examination papers of previous years in time. Rehearse a few times before sitting down I hope you will find this article helpful. Please comment if any query came to your mind.

Also, watch this video for the best preparation plan:

Deep Shikha