How do I crack an AP SI job?

Want to crack AP SI exam and grab the job? Here are some expert tips on how you should prepare for the exam and what things you should keep in mind.

In order to crack Andhra Pradesh’s SI examination, you need at least 4-5 months of preparation. With the right course, right books, and right resources, the interested candidates can keep their preparation up-to-date and be able to crack the examination even in the first attempt. Before we move on to the preparation tips, remember that the patience, perseverance, and hard work are crucial elements for succeeding in anything. With that in mind, follow the tips below to increase your chances of securing the job as a sub-inspector in Andhra Pradesh Police:

1. Go Through the Syllabus Thoroughly

First of all, you go through the syllabus carefully. See what topics and subjects you need to go through, what you’re your strong at, and which subject is your weakness. Prioritize your preparation accordingly. Give more importance to the most crucial subjects and create a time table on how you will cover the entire syllabus in the time that you have for the preparation. This way, you will be able to evaluate how much time you will have to spend each day in order to cover the entire syllabus.

2. Join Online Coaching

If you want to crack competitive exams, professional coaching is the way. Achievers Academy is one of the best academies in Andhra Pradesh where you will be able to prepare in the best possible manner with expert coaching and well-streamlined video lectures that can be watched again and again until you totally understand the concept. These video lectures contain straightforward approach and effective methods to prepare students for the exam. You must check out Achievers Academy’s online course for AP Police SI once.

3. Keep Preparing For General Awareness

Preparing for general awareness has become easier with so many news channels, magazines, books, and social media channels as well. Follow worthy news channels and social media accounts so that you can stay updated about important state, national, and international affairs. Take notes of all important events and do revise them before the exam.

4. Practice Regularly

If you want to succeed in cracking the exam, it is mandatory that you study each and every day. It’s not only mandatory, it’s your responsibility as well. So, be consistent with your practice and make sure you make a time table and follow that closely with full dedication. Also, make sure you devote at least 4-5 hours for your study. You can take breaks but make sure to make the most of the hours you devote.

5. Take Mock Tests

Mock tests help you get well-aware of the exam pattern. Just studying the exam pattern won’t be enough. It’s important that you take experience beforehand about what it feels like to sit and attempt AP SI examination. You will get to know how much time you should devote to each section, which section is going to consume most of your time, and what you should do to speed yourself up. Moreover, you’ll know where your preparation stands. All these things are very important to crack the examination.

Keep all these tips in mind, keep your preparation sound, and you will definitely succeed in the examination. All the best!

Deep Shikha

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