How do I master APPSC group 1 syllabus and crack the exam?

Here's your three-step strategy to crack APPSC Group 1 exams by mastering the syllabus through right approach and hardwork.

APPSC Group -1 exam preparation is going to be very tough for you because of the competition for this exam. Reason? The posts are limited and number of candidates applying touches the mark of lakh. You need to be patient, hardworking and consistent for the examination. 

There will be two exams – preliminary and mains. Prelims exam is for 150 marks. It consists of 150 questions. There is a deduction of one third mark for each question that is wrongly answered. This makes Group -1 Prelims exam similar to that of UPSC Civil Services Prelims. 

Due to negative marking in the exam, you must answer questions only if you are sure about the answer.

Now, let’s come to how you can crack APPSC Group 1 syllabus. For that, I have a three-step strategy for you: 

  • Read the syllabus thoroughly
  • Join Achievers Academy’s Online Classes
  • Revise each and every topic before examination

1. Read the Syllabus Thoroughly

First of all, you need to read and understand your syllabus thoroughly. You need to find out what subjects you have to study, what’s their contribution in the exam, and then prioritize your subjects keeping your command on the subject and the syllabus in mind. Then, prioritize the topics and subtopics for that syllabus carefully. In short, create a study schedule for yourself depending on how much time you have for preparation so that you can cover all the syllabus in time.

2. Join Achievers Academy’s Online Classes

Ever since this coronavirus pandemic is going on, online studies have become the best escape for students to keep learning new things and not dumbing themselves by staying idle. There are two best things about online studies, you can fix your own time table and study according to your own convenience and mood. Secondly, you don’t need to unnecessarily expose yourself to this pandemic. Achievers Academy has been providing effective online coaching for APPSC Group 1 for years and it is one of the best online coaching institute to prepare for APPSC exams. You can join their classes and study effectively for the exam. They will also guide you about the syllabus, topics, and study criteria. You can watch their videos as many times as you want until you understood the topic. Their teaching methods and problem-solving ways are quite effective too. In short, you can rely on them to help you master the entire APPSC Group 1 syllabus.

3. Revise Each and Every Topic Before Examination

This is the most important step. If you have been preparing for months or years, you tend to forget the topics you covered in earlier phase. It is important to revise the entire syllabus to polish your memory again. So, whatever your schedule is, make sure you spare 15-20 days for revision, which is the most important part of this three-step-strategy. Otherwise, you’ll keep wondering about what was the answer in the examination.

With these three steps, you will be able to master the syllabus. Just keep in mind that patience and hard work is the key. Also, be consistent with the preparation.

Deep Shikha