How do I prepare for the APPSC ASO Main exam in 2 months?

How can I complete the preparations for the APPSC ASO exam in 2 months?

It's a very common question I get from people who are gearing up to take the APPSC ASO exam. So I decided to write my personal on it. Hope this will be helpful for all those appearing for the APPSC ASO Main Exam.

I know there are already guides available online, but still, I've decided to make this one because I know the effort it requires to visit all those sites and search for information. Also, most of them are either not updated or is outdated.

We all know that there's nothing like a shortcut to success except hard work! So what you gonna do is prepare well, read as much as possible about the topics, take up as many mock exams as possible, trust yourself, stay positive and believe in your abilities. Don't ever underestimate anyone or anything!

Here are some things you should always keep in mind:

1. Professional Coaching Is Important:

It's very important to take up a coaching institute because it will provide you with direction and guidance for your preparation. Plus it also means you'll be able to set goals for yourself and achieve those goals by staying focused on your goal. You should give as much effort as possible at the beginning of the course so that if there is anything lacking, you will be able to cover it up. You should always try and give your best if possible because by then you'll be able to get a good idea of what kind of questions might come in the final exam. My suggestion is to choose APPSC ASO Courses by Achievers Academy because they're one of the best.

2. Learn And Relearn Subjects:

Learn the topics that are important from the syllabus. Revise the things you've learned. Try to make your own notes because it will really help in assimilating the information easily. Practice whatever you've learnt to date thoroughly! This is one of the important tips that are very easy to say but difficult to follow, still, you need to work very hard on this because this is where most aspirants fail. Always keep in mind that as the syllabus gets tougher, your preparation should also become tougher.

3. Time Management Is Very Important:

If you have a lot of time to prepare then you can divide it into small units and tackle them one by one so that they don't appear difficult to deal with. But if you want to prepare in just 2 months, which is the time you asked in the question, then you have to manage your time very efficiently. You should always try and reduce unnecessary things so that you can concentrate more on important ones.

4. Practice Daily:

Practice daily even if it's a single topic! Because trust me, practising daily will help in increasing your speed and confidence. Once you're confident, it'll be easy for you to attempt the mock exams and later on the final exam!

5. Mock Tests:

Mock tests are very effective for those who want to cover a lot of things in a short time! So start taking as many mock tests as possible if your aim is to cover a lot of topics in just a couple of months! And yes, finally always remember that you're preparing for the exam, so there's no need to get tensed up about it.

There's nothing like a failure here because if you did not clear this time then next year it'll be back, so try your best and have faith in yourself.

Deep Shikha