How do I prepare for the TSPSC AEE electrical and AE exam?

There is no single right answer to this question. The preparation depends on the knowledge and background of the person and the amount of time that he/she can devote for preparation.

Also, it also depends on whether they are going to take both – AE and electrical – or one at a time.

At this point, I believe you have an idea as to why I am emphasizing knowing your goal first? If you know what I mean 🙂

So now let us go through a good preparation strategy for TSPSC AEE electrical and AE:

1) Choose A Right Course For You

In this cut-throat competition, it has become vital that you opt for professional coaching instead of preparing all by yourself. If you're not interested in taking coaching, you can choose online classes for TSPSC exams instead.

2) Utilize Study Material

You must be wondering what study material? What kind of books do I go through? Or, which chapter must I focus on? The answer is that you need not worry about all these. Just read the newspaper daily to get aware of the current affairs in the state and country, read the novel(s) for your mental relaxation and utilize coaching material related to electrical or AE exams.

3) Prepare Notes For Yourself

Take separate pieces of paper/notebook/sheets while reading newspapers, novels or other interest-related books. Write down whatever is important there itself at that moment. If you are taking coaching classes then note down the important topics covered by them in their classes. This will eventually help you to cover your syllabus without any difficulty.

4) Make Our Own Study Chart

Here, we must understand that the number of topics under electrical and AE is slightly different. So separate study charts may be needed for both. While studying it is necessary to maintain a proper balance between 'electrical' and 'AE' as both of them play a key role in the TSPSC AEE exam. If you think you can score well by concentrating on only one subject, go ahead with it without giving the other second thought.

5) Identify Your Weak Areas And Work On Them!

In order to achieve success in the TSPSC AEE electrical and AE exams, identify your weak areas from time to time and work on those topics. Once you have identified your weak areas, take a 'past paper' and start solving it in the normal time frame. You can solve a past paper before going to sleep or when you are free from daily chores.

6) Be Patient

Don't be in a hurry! Prepare slowly but keep on working with full enthusiasm. The result will be evident when you score good marks in the TSPSC AEE Electrical and AE.

I hope these above-mentioned steps will help all those who want to appear in TSPSC.

Deep Shikha