Is open B.Ed. eligible for DSC?

Is a student with distance B.Ed. eligible for DSC exam?

Yes, open B.Ed. candidates are eligible for the DSC Exam. The exam lasts two days and consists of three components: a written examination, an oral examination, evaluation by teaching practice supervisors, and videotaped presentations to candidates' peers and colleges describing their preparation to teach in the local context.

How to prepare for DSC Exam?

Preparing for DSC exams is one of the most difficult tasks for the aspirants. You need to be strong in all aspects. Here are some tips that will help you prepare effectively:

1. Get the Syllabus:

Aspirants need to follow the exact syllabus and prepare accordingly. The syllabus will help you know what kind of questions are asked in your exam.

2. Take Mock Test:

Mock tests will be a good way to identify any gaps in your preparation. You can also evaluate factors that might influence your scoring like time management, your approach to difficult questions, etc.

3. Join Online Coaching:

Online coaching is a very popular way to prepare for your exam these days. Achievers Academy provides online study material, mock tests, and video classes that will help you in better understanding the topics.

4. Revise Topics:

Revision is the key to scoring good marks in your exams. Aspirants need to keep revising their syllabus till they feel confident.

5. Practice, practice and practice:

DSC exam is all about experience. You need to have excellent teaching abilities before you appear for the exams. Aspirants can practice teaching in front of their parents or friends as a student and ask them about your approach to the question asked by you so that you can modify your mistakes and learn from them.

6. Learn Logical Reasoning:

DSC exam is more about your logical reasoning ability than your subject knowledge. Keep practicing with variety of questions such as image, verbal, diagrammatic and numerical questions to improve on this skill. Such practice will help you understand different types of question papers and prepare well for them.

7. Practice with Previous Year Question Papers:

Aspirants can download previous year question papers and practice them regularly to get an idea of the pattern of questions that might be asked in the exam and to evaluate how well you are answering those questions.

8. Be Positive:

DSC is all about your approach towards teaching. It is not about memorizing the course books but implementing them in real time. So, if you have prepared well and practiced diligently, then nothing can stop your from getting through.

9. Make a Plan:

It is important to make a study plan that will allow you to follow the exam syllabus well and complete it in time for the exam.

10. Practicing with Current Affairs:

It is better to read about current affairs than relying on newspapers for your exam. It is better to read magazine and newspaper articles related to current affairs rather than relying on newspapers or magazines.

Deep Shikha