My height is 5.2 feet. Is my height okay to apply for APPSC groups?

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) conducts various examinations to recruit candidates for a wide range of government positions. Along with academic qualifications and other criteria, certain exams require candidates to meet specific physical standards.

Overview of the APPSC Exam

The APPSC conducts examinations such as Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and Group 4, among others, for recruitment in different government departments in Andhra Pradesh. These exams assess candidates' knowledge, aptitude, and skills related to the specific job roles. The selection process generally consists of a preliminary examination, a main examination, and an interview.

Physical Standards in APPSC Exams

While most of the APPSC exams primarily evaluate candidates based on their educational qualifications and performance in written tests, some positions may have specific physical requirements. These physical standards are typically applicable for positions in uniformed services or certain specialized roles where physical fitness is essential.

  1. Police Sub-Inspector (PSI): The recruitment for the position of Police Sub-Inspector in the Andhra Pradesh Police Department includes physical standards related to height, chest measurements, and endurance tests. Candidates need to fulfill the prescribed criteria to be eligible for the PSI selection process.
  2. Fire Service: The Fire Service department, under APPSC, also sets physical standards for positions like Fireman, Station Fire Officer, and Driver Operator. These standards involve height requirements, chest measurements, and physical endurance tests.
  3. Forest Range Officer (FRO): The Forest Range Officer examination conducted by APPSC requires candidates to meet specific physical standards, including height requirements and physical endurance tests.

Height Requirement for APPSC Groups: It is important to note that the height requirement for different APPSC groups may vary depending on the specific position and category. Generally, the height criteria are set to ensure that candidates can effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities.

Regarding your height of 5.2 feet which is 158.5 cm. So as per government norms, the standard height should be:

  • For General Category Male Candidates: The height should be at least 167.6 cm
  • For ST Candidates: The height should be at least 164 cm
  • For General Category Female Candidates: The height should be at least 152.5 cm

It is essential to refer to the official notifications and guidelines provided by APPSC for each specific exam. These notifications will outline the detailed eligibility criteria, including any height requirements, for the positions you are interested in. By carefully reviewing the official notifications, you can determine whether your height meets the specified criteria for the particular APPSC groups you wish to apply for.

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