What is the best coaching centre for DSC?

DSC exam is conducted for the recruitment of Hindi officers. The exam consists of four papers namely General Studies, General Ability, Mental Ability and Computer Aptitude. This question is asked by most aspirants who are also looking for the best coaching centres. Thus it becomes difficult to select a coaching centre without knowing about the performance of various coaching institutes.

Achievers Academy For DSC Coaching Online

Achievers Academy is the best coaching centre for DSC. Every year Achievers Academy comes up with new and unique study material and strategies to crack this exam which cannot be found in any other coaching institute. It is one of the most trusted and reputed coaching institutes for DSC.

Achievers Academy Coaching For Hindi Officers - Best Coaching Centre For DSC

DSC Exam Preparation Tips by Achievers Academy:

1) Read The Syllabus Thoroughly

You should focus on your strong points and attempt topics in which you are confident of getting good marks. In order to get a good score, it is very important to prepare according to the syllabus.

2) Create A Schedule You Can Follow

You have to set a schedule for yourself with proper time distribution for each section of the DSC exam. Set a goal and prepare accordingly to achieve it. Prepare a table in which you can enter your present level, target score and date of achieving that target score. It is very important to keep track of your progress so that you know where you stand and what you should be doing at present to achieve your target score.

3) Solve Previous Years Papers:

While solving previous years papers, go through all the questions once instead of attempting them hurriedly. You have to figure out where you are going wrong so that future attempts become easier.

4) Practice As And When You Study:

Do not wait for the last few days before the exam when you will start your practice. Learn from mistakes and analyse why a particular answer is correct or incorrect. If you can solve previous years questions in a very short time then it is proof that you are doing something right.

5) Take Mock Tests:

Mock tests are very important for your preparation as they help you gauge your bank of questions. They also allow you to analyse the mistakes you make and learn from them. Mock tests can be taken on a daily basis to keep yourself updated about the kind of questions asked in a particular month.

6) Ask Away Your Doubts On Forums:

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask questions. There are so many online discussion forums just like Achievers' where you can find a lot of students who could be facing the same problem as yours and hence share your queries on these sites. You can also get help from experienced aspirants who will guide you better than coaching institutes.

Deep Shikha