What posting is one given if he/she gets ranked one in APPSC?

If an individual secures the first rank in the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) examination, they are often appointed to prestigious administrative positions within the state government. The specific posting and responsibilities can vary depending on the examination they have cleared and their qualifications. Here's an overview of the typical positions:

Group I Services: Ranking first in the Group I services exam places an individual in line for some of the highest administrative roles within the state bureaucracy. Positions may include Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Commercial Tax Officer (CTO), District Panchayat Officer (DPO), and other pivotal roles. These positions involve extensive decision-making, policy implementation, and oversight of various government departments, contributing significantly to the state's governance and development.

Group II Services: Securing the top rank in Group II services exams paves the way for administrative roles in middle-level management within the state administration. Positions may encompass Municipal Commissioner, Assistant Commercial Tax Officer, Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies, and others. These roles involve managing departmental affairs, enforcing regulations, and facilitating public services at the district or municipal level.

Group III Services: Ranking first in Group III services exams typically leads to appointments in clerical or lower-level administrative positions within government departments. Positions may include Junior Assistants, Typists, Stenographers, and other supportive roles. While these positions may not wield executive authority, they are integral to the functioning of government offices and play a crucial role in facilitating administrative tasks and public service delivery.

Group IV Services: Securing the top rank in Group IV services exams generally results in appointments to entry-level positions in various government departments. Positions may comprise Village Revenue Officers (VRO), Junior Accountants, Office Subordinates, and other support staff roles. These positions are essential for grassroots administration, including revenue collection, record-keeping, and service delivery at the village or mandal level.

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Deep Shikha