APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching | Group 2 Online Classes in Telugu APPSC cover

APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching | Group 2 Online Classes in Telugu APPSC

Best Online Coaching for APPSC Group 2 in Telugu for Prelims and Mains which includes more than 1200 HD+ video lectures by subject experts, online tests covering all topics, and mock tests to help you prepare effectively.

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APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching Classes

About the course

Achievers Academy presents the Best Online Coaching Classes for APPSC Group 2 specifically designed by the subject experts and previous Group 2 toppers for the aspirants. This group 2 online coaching course helps you clear all the concepts and introduces the advanced level study methods for students looking forward to clear APPSC Group 2 Screening test in 2020. This course can give you a required kickstart for APPSC Group 2 preparation with the help of its smartly curated video lectures and practice tests. The course is available in Telugu and English for your ease of learning.


Why should you join Group 2 Online Classes in Telugu?

  • HD Video Classes: Our team comprises of state-level experts who have created detailed video lectures with an integrated approach so that you can acquire in-depth knowledge to all the topics within the syllabus.
  • Sectional Tests: Our online coaching classes include topic-wise sectional tests to help you practice, learn, revise, and clear all the concepts.
  • Grand Mock Tests: This course come with an online mock test series referred to as Grand Tests with detailed analysis & ranking to help you analyse your caliber and modify your strategy accordingly.  
  • Discussion Forum: You get free access to our dedicated discussion forum where you can ask all your exam and subject related questions.


What Syllabus Will be Covered in Online Classes For APPSC Group 2?

The syllabus for APPSC Group 2 Prelims and Mains is same and following subjects and topics will be covered in the syllabus:



Topics to be covered under this section are:

  • Events that are important on national and international level.
  • Current affairs happening on international, national, and regional level.
  • General Science and it’s day to day applications.
  • Contemporary development in Science & Information Technology.
  • Indian National Movement, the political history of India, and social economic history of the nation.
  • Geography of India and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Disaster Management with the topics like vulnerability profile, prevention and mitigation strategies, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in the assessment of Disaster
  • Indian Polity & Governance including reforms, public policies, and constitutional issues.
  • Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development
  • Logical reasoning, logical interpretation, and analytical ability.
  • Basic data analysis, tabulation of data, visual representation of data, and interpretation of data.
  • Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and its Administrative, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political and legal implications/problems.




Topics to be covered under this section are:

  • Social and Cultural History of Andhra Pradesh: This will include topics like geographical features, prehistoric cultures, The Satavahanas, The Ikshvakus, Literature, Art, Architecture, Socio-Economic and Religious Conditions, Society, Religion, Telugu Language.
  • Dynasties that ruled Andhradesa: This will include topics like Socio- Cultural and Religious conditions in Andhradesa, Social Structure, Caste System, Growth of Telugu Language, Literature, Art, & Painting.
  • Advent of Europeans: 1857 Revolt and its impact on Andhra, British rule establishment, Justice Party/Self Respect Movements, Socio-cultural awakening, Anti- Zamindari and Kisan Movements etc.
  • Andhra Movement: Role of Andhra Mahasabhas Prominent Leaders, Events leading to the formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1953, role of Newspaper & Press in Andhra Movement



  • Indian Constitution & Its Development, features of Indian Constitution, Preamble, Fundamental Rights & Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy.
  • Struction of Indian Government and its functions, Types of Legislatures, Parliament, Judicial Review & Activism.
  • Distribution of Legislative and Executive Powers between the Union and the States, Financial relations between the Union and the States, Finance Commission, Constitutional bodies’ powers and functions.
  • Relations between centre and state, Rajmannar Committee, Sarkaria Commission, M.M. Punchchi Commission
  • Amendment Process to the Constitution, Centralization Vs Decentralization, Community Development Programs
  • Ashok Mehta Committees 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts and their Implementation.
  • Regional & National Political Parties.
  • Welfare Mechanisms in India, special rights and provisions for Scheduled Castes, Tribes and Minorities, Reservations for SCs, STs and Backward Classes.



1. Indian Economy - History & Present Status

  • Socio-economic goals & achievements
  • Regulation of economy in the country and the state
  • New economic reforms
  • Regulatory bodies like NITI Aayog
  • Decentralization of financial resources
  • Causes, consequences, and solutions for lack in economic growth


2. Indian Economic Policies

  • Agricultural policies in India
  • The contribution of agriculture to India’s GDP
  • Industrial development in India
  • Role of private & public sectors in employment
  • Role of the IT industries in the development of the country


3. Resources and Development

  • Physical capital & Finance capital
  • Size & composition of Indian Population
  • Occupational Distribution of Work Force
  • Demographic Dividend
  • Human Development Index


4. Money, Banking and Public Finance

  • RBI’s monetary policy
  • Fiscal Policy & its objectives
  • Deficit Finance & Fiscal Imbalance
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • FDI
  • Causes & Remedies for Inflation
  • Goods and Service Tax


5. National Income

  • National Income Concepts
  • Net & Gross Domestic Product
  • Per Capita Income


6. Economic Policies of Andhra Pradesh

  • Socio-economic welfare programs by government
  • Andhra Pradesh’s population composition
  • Sex ratio
  • Age Distribution


7. Agriculture and Industrial Growth of Andhra Pradesh

  • Contribution of agriculture to income and employment in Andhra Pradesh
  • Land reforms in Andhra Pradesh
  • Cropping pattern
  • Irrigation Policy of Andhra Pradesh
  • Special Subsidies for Agriculture
  • Finance Sources for Agriculture
  • Industrial Development
  • Power Projects in Andhra Pradesh


8. Resource Development of Andhra Pradesh

  • Andhra Pradesh Budgetary resources and constraints
  • A.P Bifurcation Act
  • Andhra Pradesh State Gross Domestic Product
  • Comparison with India and neighboring States


APPSC Group 2 Online Course FAQs


Q1. Why should I join “APPSC Group 2 Coaching Classes”?

Ans: APPSC Group 2 Online Classes are the best way to prepare for Group 2 exams in Telugu because of their teaching patterns and effective video lectures.  This course has been created by subject experts and previous year topped to help you prepare for APPSC screening tests in a planned and organized manner.


Q2. How can I buy “APPSC Group 2 Online Course” in Telugu?

Ans: You can follow these steps to buy Group 2 online classes in Telugu:

  1. Go to or download or mobile app and login with your account details. If you’re new user, please create an account first.
  2. Choose APPSC Group 2 Online Course from the given options.
  3. Choose the validity you would like to buy the course for.
  4. Click on add to cart. Fill in your shipping information and payment details and then proceed to buy.
  5. You can pay through your credit card, debit card, Google Pay, and Paytm as well. Once we receive payment confirmation from your end, the course will be automatically added to your dashboard.


Q3. How can I access this course after purchase?

Ans: You can access the course through our online website and mobile app. Once you login to your account, you can see all the courses you have purchased in your dashboard. Under your dashboard, choose “APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching” and click “Start Learning” or “Resume Learning”.


Q4. Does this course include mock tests?

Ans: The main focus of this course is video classes, but we surely offer you topic-wise test series and practice questions besides grand tests so that you can examine your preparation beforehand. 


Q5. When can I start reading?

Ans: The course has already been launched and you can start reading as soon as you purchase the course. 


Q6. Are these live classes or video classes?

Ans: There are no live classes but this course consist of recorded and uploaded video classes which you can access anytime. We have live support for you so that you stay updated on what’s going on.


Q7. How many classes can I watch in a day?

Ans: There are no restrictions on the number of videos. You can watch as many videos as you want.


Q8. Can I download the videos?

And: You can watch the classes only on our AchieversNext App and also on our website.


Q9. Can I access all the videos & live classes at once?

And: We release all study materials according to a course schedule. You need to focus on completing the material available to you. 


Q10. What if I have doubts?

Ans: You will be able to ask and discuss doubts in the dedicated discussion forum.


Q10. I want to join the Best Online Coaching for APPSC Group 2 ?

Ans: Achievers Academy provides the Best Online Coaching for APPSC Group 2 and you can safely trust us to get high-quality APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching Videos by expert faculty





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