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Learn Concept Oriented High-level Indian Economy Online Classes in Telugu for APPSC Group 1, Group 2 Economy, Junior Lecturer, Degree Lecturer, AEE, AP SI & PC Exams

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Instructor: Srirama Chandra, APPSC Group 1 Officer

Language: Telugu

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Topics Covered

1. Indian Economy and Present status

1(a) Introduction to Indian Economy

  (b) Socio-Economic Goals and Achievement

  (c) Five year plans-Goals- Achievement-Review

  (d) NITI Ayog

  (e) NITI Ayog – Strategy for new India @75 - cooperative federalism - decentralisation

  (f) NITI Ayog –SDG Index 2019

  (g) Regulatory Bodies

  (h) Sustainable Development – Inclusive Growth


 2. Economics Policies

  (a)     Agriculture – Impotance – Contribution to India GDP

             Agriculture – MSP

             Agriculture--  Policies

             Agriculture—Green Revolution,Evergreen revolution Rainbow Revolution

             Agriculture—Govt Schemes

(b) Industrial development during planning

 (c) Industrial policies

 (d) Public sector industries

 (e) Disinvestment

 (f) Maharatna, Navratna, Miniratna

 (g) IT industries

3. Resources and development

(a) Types of Resources

(b) Population - Population theory

(c) Census 2011 - Demographic dividend

(d) HDI

(e) HDI-2019 Report-India –Details

4. Money Banking and Public Finance

(a) Money - Introduction -  Types of money

(b) Money aggregates in India (M1,M2,M3,M4,M0)

(c) Banking history in India

(d) Types of banks

(e) RBI- Functions

(f) Nationalization of banks

(g) Merging of Banks

(h) RBI-Monetary policy

(i) RBI-Policy rates(Repo, Reverse repo)

(j) Inflation - Types - Inflation trends in indict

(k) Budget - Introduction (Money Policy vs  Fiscal Policy)

Budget- Types ; Deficit - Types                                                                              

Budget- Receipts and Expenditure

Budget 2020-21 & GST

   Foreign Trade Policy of India


   FDI - Definition;  FDI vs FPS

   FDI Limits In India 2020

5.National Income

(a) Introduction of NI

(b) NI - Concepts

(c) NI – Methods

(d) NI -Recent trends

(e) NI - Share of three sectors


   Central Govt schemes




Download Indian Economic Survey 2019-20 PDF Summary


APPSC Indian Economy in Telugu Online Classes 


Message from the Faculty

Hi, I am Sri Ramachandra, M.A. In Economics, M.Ed. Senior Faculty at Achievers Academy & Sakshi columnist. Are you afraid of the Indian Economy? Do you think the Indian Economy is the hardest subject in competitive exams? How many times have you tried to hold on to the Indian Economy? Tried many competitive exams several times and lost your job due to the Indian economy? Then don't wait to come back and join me. My videos are currently available at Achievers Academy. I teach the Indian Economy in Analytical, Graphical, and Mind Mapping Methods with Good Examples of daily Life Scenarios. I already know that you find my methods very useful. Now, the Indian Economy in Telugu is exclusively accessible in the Achiever's Academy recently. So, if you want to learn the Indian Economy in Telugu in a simple and interesting way. Even those who are with Non-Economy background can get Command over Economy and can get the best score in competitive exams. You don't have to go to any of the coaching centers and spend thousands on them. You don't have to waste your time. The Indian Economy, which plays a key role in your success, can now learn with easy methods and most common scenarios up to 2020. Come, join me and step with me to make good progress in the subject of the Indian Economy.

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