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TSPSC Group 3 Online Coaching in Telugu

Want to excel at TSPSC Group 3 exam? Join our online coaching classes for TSPSC Group 3 and make sure that your TSPSC Group 3 preparation is always a step ahead. Get ready to crack TSPSC Group 3 in the first attempt with our advanced video lectures in Telugu.

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TSPSC Group 3 Online Coaching Classes

About the course

If you are serious about clearing TSPSC Group 3 exams and want to be well prepared before the exam date, you need an online course that works as hard as you do. Achievers Academy presents TSPSC Group 3 online course meant to bring out the best in you. It contains a series of video classes created by scholars and experts in the most advanced manner that everybody can understand the concepts easily. Apart from the video classes, the course comes with online mock test series and sectional tests for you to examine your preparation from time to time. If you need most advanced TSPSC Group 3 course which is convenient and effective, this one is the perfect choice for you.

Advanced Video Classes: The video lectures in Achiever Academy’s TSPSC Group 3 online course are most competitive and effective as well. They are structured in a way that you can understand even the most difficult subjects easily. These video lectures are simply made for every student.

Benefits of Joining Achiever Academy’s Online Coaching for TSPSC Group 3?

  • Sectional Tests: This TSPSC Group 3 online includes online test series which makes it easy for you to evaluate your preparation from time to time.
  • Grand Mock Tests: The course is also equipped with grand mock tests which can help you prepare your exam, improve your problem solving methodology, and evaluate your preparation. 
  • Discussion Forum: In case you have any questions related to the course or the doubts related to certain subjects, you can ask them on our dedicated discussion forum where experts and other students can help you.

What Syllabus Will be Covered In TSPSC Group 3 Online Course?


Topics that will be covered under this section are:


  • Events that hold national & international importance
  • Current affairs happening on regional, national, & international level
  • General Science and India’s achievements in Science & Technology
  • Disaster Management
  • Geography of World, India, and Telangana State
  • Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana
  • Telangana State Policies
  • India’s History and Cultural Heritage
  • Logical Reasoning; Analytical Ability and Data Interpretation
  • Basic English


a) Socio-Cultural History of Telangana and Formation of Telangana State

b) Overview of the Indian Constitution and Politics

c) Social Structure, Issues and Public Policies


        a) Issues and Challenges of Indian Economy
        b) Economy and Development of Telangana

c) Issues of Development and Changes

Course FAQs

Q1. Why Achiever Academy’s TSPSC Group 3 Online Classes are best among the rest?

Ans:  Achievers Academy’s TSPSC Group 3 Online Coaching Classes follow the world class standards that make it easy and effective for all kinds of students. The video lectures featured in the course have been prepared by most intelligent subject experts making sure that they cover the topics completely and are easy to understand.


Q2. What is the process to buy TSPSC Group 3 Course Online?

Ans: Follow these steps to buy online coaching classes for TSPSC Group 3:

  1. Visit our website or open our mobile application. Go to online courses and then select https://www.achieversnext.com/s/store/courses/TSPSC. Register on the website or app or simply login if your already have an account.
  2. Choose TSPSC Group 3 from the given courses.
  3. Add the course to the cart, add your shipping information and payment details and then proceed to buy.
  4. The available payment options are credit card, debit card, Google Pay, and Paytm as well. Once the payment is successfully one, the course will be automatically added to your dashboard.


Q3. Once I have purchased the course, how can I access it?

Ans: When you purchase the course, you can simply visit Achievers Academy website or mobile app to access it. Login  to your account and you will see all the courses you have purchased under your dashboard section. Choose “Group 3 TSPSC Online Classes” and click “Start Learning” or “Resume Learning”.


Q4. Will I get online mock tests along with your TSPSC Group 3 Online Coaching Course?

Ans: Yes. Each and every online course provided by Achievers Academy comes with the mock tests which you can attempt from time to time to evaluate your preparation and learn how to relocate you time when you are in actual exam. 


Q5. When will we able to access this course?

Ans: We have already launched the course. Simply purchase it from our mobile app or website. The moment your purchase it complete, you will be able to access it from your dashboard


Q6. Will the  TSPSC Group 3 online video lectures be live or pre-recorded?

Ans: All the videos in TSPSC Group 3 online course will be pre-recorded by the subject experts. In case you have any queries about the course, you can chat in real time with us.


Q7. How many video classes can I watch in a day?

Ans: We understand all your concerns better and therefore we put no restriction on the number of videos you can watch in a day.


Q8. Can I download the videos lectures and then watch them offline?

And: Fortunately yes, and for that you need to download Achievers App. It works like YouTube Offline mode.


Q9. How to access all the videos at a time?

And: Unfortunately you cannot do that in case we haven’t released all the videos already. We release study material from time to time according to the schedule of the course. We advise to take it slow and step by step.


Q10. What if I have doubts? Where can I ask by queries?

Ans: Don’t worry about the doubts and queries because we have a dedicated discussion forum for that. You can login to the forum using your account details and ask questions from our experts.




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