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SSC GD Constable Online Classes cover

SSC GD Constable Online Classes

Prepare from the #1 SSC GD Constable Online Coaching Classes in Telugu & English with the expert faculty of Achievers Academy

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Language: Telugu & English

Validity Period: 180 days

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SSC GD Constable Online Classes

General  Intelligence  and  Reasoning :
 Analytical  aptitude and  ability  to  observe  and  distinguish  patterns  will  be  tested through  questions  principally  of  non-verbal  type.
This component  may  include  questions  on  analogies,  similarities and  differences,  spatial  visualization,  spatial  orientation, visual  memory,  discrimination,  observation,  relationship concepts, arithmetical  reasoning  and  figural  classification, arithmetic  number  series,  non-verbal  series,  coding  and decoding,  etc.
General  Knowledge  and  General  Awareness :  Questions in  this  component  will  be  aimed  at  testing  the  candidate’s general  awareness  of  the  environment  around  him. Questions  will  also  be  designed  to  test  knowledge  of  current events  and  of  such  matters  of  every  day  observations  and experience  in  their  scientific  aspect  as  may  be  expected  of any  educated  person.
The  test  will  also  include  questions relating  to  India  and  its  neighboring  countries  especially pertaining  to  sports,  History,  Culture,  Geography,  Economic Scene,  General  Polity,  Indian  Constitution,  and  scientific Research  etc.  These  Questions  will  be  such  that  they  do  not require  a  special study  of  any  discipline.
Elementary  Mathematics :   This  paper  will  include  questions on  problems  relating  to  Number  Systems,  Computation  of Whole  Numbers,  Decimals  and  Fractions  and  relationship between  Numbers,  Fundamental  arithmetical  operations, Percentages,  Ratio  and  Proportion,  Averages,  Interest,  Profit and  Loss,  Discount,  Mensuration,  Time  and  Distance,  Ratio and  Time,  Time  and  Work, etc.
English/  Hindi :   Candidates’  ability  to  understand  basic English/  Hindi  and  his  basic  comprehension  would  be  tested
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