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Modern Indian History Classes in Telugu cover

Modern Indian History Classes in Telugu

Join the #1 Indian History Online Classes in Telugu covering Modern Indian History & Freedom Movement useful for all competitive exams like APPSC TSPSC Group 1, Group 2, SI PC exams, etc

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Instructor: Reddy Narsing Sir

Language: Telugu

Validity Period: 180 days

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Modern History Classes in Telugu

This course covers Modern Indian History & Freedom Movement

Topics Covered in this Course are

Arrival of Europeans


Later Mughals

Occupation of Bengal

Anglo Maratha Wars

Anglo Sikh Wars

Other Occupations

Occupation of Andhra Region

Administrative Methods of British

Revenue Policies of British

Legal Policies OF British

Civil Services of British

Educational Policies of British

Social and Economic Policies of British

Tribal Revolutions

Revolt of 1857

Reasons for Revolt of 1857

Sepoy Revolution in Andhra and Hyderabad

Effects of Sepoy Revolution

Peasant Revolutions

Caste Revolutions 

Caste Revolutions

Brahma Samaj

Arya Samaj and Theosophical Society

Ramakrishna Movement

Individual Reforms

Kandukuri Veereshalingam

Andhra Reformers

Other Religious Reforms Movements

Effects and Limitations of Social Reforms

Formation of INC

Moderates Era


Swadeshi Movement

Home Rule Movement

Revolutionary Leaders 


Non Cooperation Movement

Simon Commission

Civil Disobedience Movement

1935 Act


Incidents between 1935-1940

Cripps Mission & following Movements

Cabinet Mission & followings

Integration of Princely states

Governor Generals and Viceroys

Other Courses