How do I crack the APPSC civil AEE general studies paper?

Which tips can help me for the preparation of APPSC AEE Civil General Studies paper?

The APPSC Civil AEE is a tough exam to crack. It does not matter if you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate student; the civil AEE paper will test your knowledge of topics ranging from national events, international events, geography, Indian Polity, Logical Reasoning, Sociology, and Psychology. The good news is that I have compiled this answer to your question with all the best strategies for cracking the general studies section of the APPSC AEE Civil exam:

1. Sign Up For A Reliable Online Course

The first step to crack the APPSC Civil AEE general studies paper is by signing up for an online course. The best part about these courses is that you can take them from anywhere in India, at any time of the day or night. If you want a fair recommendation, my pick would be the course from Achievers Academy. The APPSC general studies courses offered by this online institute are highly reliable and come with quite an effective study material. They also offer timely mock tests to help you test your preparations so far.

2. Practice Using Mock Tests

The second step is by using mock tests. You should ideally aim for at least taking one general studies mock test a week, which will help you work on your weak areas and work towards strengthening them. These mock tests can be conducted either online through a website like Achievers Academy, or offline using copies of previous years' question papers.

3. Create a Schedule of Your Own

Students must create a schedule of their own. Online coaching gives you the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere you want. You can benefit from these courses even during your free time – whether it is a weekend, evening or holiday.

4. Stay Updated with important national and international events

Stay updated with important national and international events. This is what will make you stand out from the crowd during your interview stage as well. Also, you will find a few questions from the latest important events of national and international importance which is good for you.

5. Practice Logical Reasoning questions

Logical Reasoning forms a major chunk of the general studies paper. It is vital to learn from your previous mistakes and not repeat them during your exam. If you are weak at trying to solve LR questions, make sure you practice as many as you can from any reliable source such as Achievers Academy.

6. Keep Data Analysis On Point

APPSC AEE General Studies would require you to be well-versed with data analysis and interpretation as well. If you find it difficult, you will need to master the art of solving questions related to this section so that these can come in handy during your exam stage. Be sure to practice as many numerical problems as possible from any reliable source.

Final Word

If you set out to crack the APPSC civil AEE general studies paper with these six steps in mind, you are well on your way to success. Do not forget that if you follow a successful strategy and keep practicing mock tests frequently enough, there is nothing stopping you from scoring great grades during this exam! Go through this YouTube video to learn some preparation tips for the exam.

Deep Shikha