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APPSC Group 1 Online Classes & Mock Tests

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) is expected to announce the recruitment details for various posts under APPSC including Group 1 Notification in the month of January 2020. And the preliminary exam may be conducted in the month of May. Therefore, it is better to start preparing for Group 1 Exam and know the essential factors for getting success in the exam, which is getting the Best Online Coaching for APPSC Group 1. Befitting with that fact, here is the good news for you; you can enroll yourself in the Achievers Academy course by clicking on the below-mentioned link.

The APPSC Group 1 Video Classes are available in Achievers Academy. The course period is 270 days. Let’s follow the below-stated points to know the course in detail.

appsc group 1 online classes

Top Features of the Course:

•    You can access the pre-recorded video content anytime from anywhere.

•    The study materials are made chapter wise and these are examined by expert faculties. The PDF format of the material is available.

•    Full-length Mock Test solution and practice set is available.

•    Students can contact the faculties to solve any queries over the phone.

•    Complete Classroom experience in online mode.

•    Students can watch the videos repeatedly for better learning.

b. Learning Outcomes:

The desire of achieving a great score cannot be successful until you become prepared. And when it comes to exam preparation, study materials, online classes, and guidelines are the most important factors to be concerned about. Here, in this website, you will get the complete guidelines to score high. The mentioned course is designed with multiple video classes and all the videos are separated, organized subject and chapter wise, therefore, finding the required subject or a particular chapter is not a hassle, chose the video by following the video title and you are all set to begin your reading.

In the course, almost hundreds of video contents are available. In the History Section, there are sixty-three videos and the duration of the video is 30 minutes. Hence the entire time period for the lesson will be 63 videos*30 minutes, which is great to learn the lesson. As all the video contents are comprehensively prepared, students who will follow the contents will be able to get the substance of the subject within a few minutes and they do not need to search for any second option for learning the same subject or chapter.

Therefore, if the tension of having a reliable APPSC Group 1 Coaching Centers in Hyderabad making you puzzled, then follow this article and visit the website to have more details about the course, exam, and syllabus.

APPSC Group 1 Examination Pattern:

It has three successive stages to conclude the exam, they are—

1.    Preliminary Test.

2.    Main Exam.

3.    Oral Test.

Preliminary Test Pattern:

The preliminary test will be a screen test. It will include objective type questions and each question will carry one mark.

Main Exam Pattern:

After qualifying the first test, which is the preliminary test, candidates will be able to proceed to the final test, the main examination. The APPSC Main Exam includes five different sections that are papers I, II, III, IV, V and the syllabus of the papers are different. All the sections will be based on Conventional Degree Standard Syllabus. Candidates can choose their preferred language in the papers, but the English Paper will be in the English Language.

How to Prepare for the APPSC Group 1 Prelims Exam?

Exam happens on the basis of the syllabus. Each exam has a different syllabus and you have to learn different topics or subjects according to the exam’s requirement.  The case is similar when you are planning to appear in APPSC Group 1 Prelims. The exam has two sections, Preliminary and Main Exam. At first, you have to clear the initial stage, which is the Preliminary exam then you can proceed to the next level.

Therefore, concentrate on the APPSC Group 1 Prelims syllabus to achieve a good score, which will automatically direct you towards your dream of becoming a professional.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot imagine exams without knowing the syllabus. A syllabus is the first as well as the foremost thing to make you successful in the exam. Befitting with that fact, here is the brief syllabus of Group 1 APPSCto help you in your preparation.



Syllabus Details for the Preliminary Examination Paper I

In this section, you have to attempt a total of 120 questions and you have to complete the paper within one hour and twenty minutes.

Here are the topics you have to read—

Indian History and Culture:

•   Indus Valley Civilization- in this chapter you have to read all the details of this time period, like- their culture, society, art, religion, Vedic age, Mahajanapadas, Jainism, Buddhism, The Magadha and Mauryan Dynasty, Foreign invasion in the country and its consequences. Sangam Age, Gupta Period and its details.

•   The History of Kanouj and its contributions, the great fight related to the state, the South Indian Dynasty, the Badami and Eastern Chalukyas, the Rastrukuts, the Chalus, the Kakatiyas, and The Reddis.

•    The Delhi Sultanate and their importance on the country’s culture, economy.

•    The European trading company in India and its consequences.

•    The War of Independence in 1857.

•    Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for freedom and his ethics, actions. Satya Graha Andolan, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s introduction and significance in Freedom Fights. Dr. Amabedkar’s life and his contribution to the Indian constitution, India after independence.

Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations:

•    Indian Constitution and its history.

•    Functions as well as responsibilities of the United State.

•    Constitutional authority.

•    Impact of linearization, privatization, and globalization.

•    India’s foreign policy and international relations.

Indian and Andhra Pradesh Economy:

•    From basic income source of the country to the management process of the system, everything is included in this chapter, like- RBI Policies, Start-Up and Programs, Banking and financial Process, reformation and so on.


•    From basic facts to the comprehensive chapters of the solar system, landforms, weather, the movement of Earth, atmosphere disturbances, everything is included in the section.

Syllabus Details for the Preliminary Examination Paper II:

General Aptitude:

General, Mental and Psychological Abilities:

•    Basic reasoning and analytical aptitude.

•    Ratio, proportion, and variation.

•    Central tendencies- Mean, median, mode.

•    Power exponent and number system.

•    Time and work.

•    Time and distance.

•    Data analysis, data sufficiency, concept, and probability.

•    Introduction to Algebra, BODMAS, Simplification.

•    Emotional intelligence.

•    Social intelligence, decision making, critical thinking, problem-solving, assessment personality and so on.

Science and Technology:

•    Nature and scope of science and technology.

•    Science and technology institutes and organizations in India.

•    Technology and their innovation and the consequences.

•    Information and communication technology.

•    Nature and scope of ICT.

•    Various government schemes for ICT.

•    E-Governance programs and its services, cybersecurity, national cybercrime policy.

•    Indian space research organization.

•    Energy requirement and efficiency, energy resources of the country, solar, wind and nuclear energy.

•    Environmental science and issues and concern related to it. Legal aspects, policies, treaties related to it.

•    Various environmental hazards and its effect on Earth.

•    Biodiversity and its significance and concerns. Climate change and its effect, national action plant against climate-change. Global warming,

•    Forest and wildlife- legal framework for forest and wildlife conversation in India.

•    Biotechnology and Nanotechnology- nature, scope, application, ethical, social and legal issues.

Current Affairs of Regional, Social, National importance.

This was the syllabus details of the APPSC Group 1 Online Examination. Candidates, who will pass this exam, will be eligible to proceed on the next step, which the Main Exam. Achievers Academy is equipped with comprehensive study materials and video study contents to guide the aspirants thoroughly. Therefore, students are requested to join the APPSC Group 1 online coaching and go through the APPSC Group 1 syllabus. You can also get the chance of solving the APPSC Group 1 Online Mock tests, by purchasing the course.